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Its obvious that the 2015 is already turning out to be the year of 70's style. Because I'm a sucker for all things retro I decided to style a shoot with my take on the 70's craze. You can see the finished photos from that shoot here.  And while I'm very proud of the finales I wanted to share a little more with you guys. Below are some photos of the shoot taken by a film camera. When I first saw them I was taken a back by how retro these turned out, our model Bridget Lam really looked like she was from the 70's. Another reason I wanted to post these is because I think its rare to see film now a days. You see tons of digital desperately trying to look like film but it never quite measures up, no matter what filter you use its impossible to duplicate that beautiful graininess. Any who please take a look at the film photos and then the digital in my portfolio and let me know which you guys dig the most. Photographer : Jeff Delacruz

Hair and Make-up : Krystyn Johnson

Model: Bridget Lam @ Ford Model Chicago

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Rocksbox Review | The New Way To Discover Jewelry

rocksbox review Before I begin my Rocksbox Review I have to admit that when I first heard of the San Francisco based jewelry subscription service I was very skeptical, I thought it was an interesting concept but I didn't know how well it would hold up in reality. I've used other subscription services in the past and have been left mostly disappointed. If you haven't already heard of Rocksbox I give you a quick play by play below.

  • For $19/month you get 3 designer pieces of jewelry curated by a Rocksbox stylist sent directly to your home (Free shipping + Free return shipping)
  • If you like whats in your box you can wearing the pieces for as long as you like or exchange them for a new box.
  • You can exchange your box as many times as you want in a months time.
  • If you love a piece you can keep it and send back the rest of the pieces and Rocksbox will bill you. You can also purchase the piece immediately on the website.

As I mentioned earlier I didn't want to get my hopes up but after my first box I was hooked. This is not your typical subscription service, Rocksbox allows you to request pieces that you actually want on the website by adding them to your wish list so you know your always going to get a piece you really want. With brands like House of Harlow, Gorjana and 30 plus other designer brands, trust me your wish list will be heaping with goodies that you can't wait to get your hands on. I've always been the less is more type when it comes to jewelry but its nice to be introduced to pieces that are out of my element. Along with the box of goodies Rockbox also sends a return shipping label and envelope to make sending your items back a breeze. I can't say anything bad about my experience with Rocksbox I would definitely recommend the service to friends as an easy way to try new jewelry trends.

If your interested in trying 1 month free use my code: annisadavilaxoxo 


YLBB: Your lips but better lipsticks

I have to begin by disclosing that I'm not a makeup professional of any kind, just a massive make-up addict with a particular fondness of lipstick at the moment. Yes, I love make-up but more specifically I love make-up that gives you the appearance of not wearing any. I like to just enhance my features without going overboard, my everyday make-up routine consists of moisturizer, BB cream, concealer, cream/liquid blush, and mascara. For the last few months I have been searching high and low for the final step in the process the perfect 'your lips but better' shade. After lots of trials and a few disappointments I've narrowed it down to my top 5 favorites, Ill be sharing them below with a small review and some cool photos by Jeff Delacruz. 20150224_0050-Edit

  • Tarte Power Pigment Pencil Exposed : I wanted to love this product because I'm a huge fan of most Tarte products, and while I do like this lip pencil I think it would look better on someone with a lighter complexion. Also this stuff does not have the best staying power.


  • Kate Moss lasting finish #08: If you haven't tried any of the Kate Moss lipsticks for Rimmel, you are seriously missing out these lipsticks are no more than $5 a pop and there is a huge range of shades to choose from, I never leave a drugstore without passing the Rimmel stand. #08 is a great lipstick like the others it has a nice texture and its long lasting, definitely a good back up on the cheap.


  • Lipstick Queen Saint Pinky Nude: If your not familiar with Lipstick Queen Ill give you the short version Poppy King created 2 collections of the same shades of lipsticks but the Sinner collection has 90% pigment and leaves and matte finish and the Saint collection has only 10% pigment and leaves a sheer glossy finish. I feel like I'm gonna love this one in the summer it very glossy and natural, but I think its just a bit to sheer for winter.


  • NYX Doll 635 : with a price tag of $5.45 it really hard to not love this lipstick. I love the pigment and this would be my number one if it had a better texture. It can be a bit drying but as long as you remember a little lip balm your good to go.


  • Revlon lip butter in Sugar Plum: This is by far my favorite MLBB product whenever I wear it I always have a few people ask me what I'm wearing which is funny because it just good old drugstore Revlon . The Revlon lip butters are another one of my favorite collections they go on so light you feel as if your wearing a lip balm but you also get a pop of color that stays put.




Gurlz brand lingerie

In early Januray I was apart of a catalog and look book shoot for a new line of bralettes and camisoles called Gurlz brand lingerie by designer Rita HofmeisterWeiler. The shoot was an absolute blast it reunited me with my favorite creative team the photographer was  Jeff Delacruz , Hair and Makeup by Amanda Martinico  and style assistant was Michelle Dimitris . Its great to go into a shoot with a team that your comfortable with we've all worked together on different occasions and have respect for each others roles which made it that much easier to focus on my portion of the shoot. When I first got involved in the shoot Jeff came to me with an open concept and left it to me to work out the conceptual direction of the shoot with our designer. Rita is new to the fashion industry so I thought it would be a good idea to do a little research on the product first and then present her with a couple different directions the shoot could go in. Camisoles and Bralettes are extremely functional so the shoot could have gone in a bunch of different directions. We have all at some point worn a camisole and bralette as a layering piece so I thought going in the lounge-wear direction would be a more original way to showcase the line. I drew a lot of inspiration from Free People's Intimately line when I was pulling clothing for the shoot. I pulled a lot of bed jackets and cardigans to drape over the Gurlz pieces and lots of silky shorts and cozy sweats.  I hope you guys enjoy the photos and don't forget to check out Gurlz brand lingerie. The camisoles and bras are like a second skin and with lots of color options they are easy to wear alone or as a layering piece.


20150110_Gurlz-1210-Edit 20150110_Gurlz-2147-Edit20150110_Gurlz-2111-Edit20150110_Gurlz-2065-Edit20150110_Gurlz-1796-Edit20150110_Gurlz-1536-Edit20150110_Gurlz-1491-Edit20150110_Gurlz-1154-Edit20150110_Gurlz-1034-Edit20150110_Gurlz-944-Edit20150110_Gurlz-916-Edit20150110_Gurlz-860-Edit20150110_Gurlz-799-Edit

Maria Pinto M2057

In Mid December I was lucky enough to be apart of a test shoot with an incredible photographer out of Kansas City called Dannie Dan-Irabor and an amazing Hair and Makeup artist from Evanston, Uwana Rose. It was a pretty cold day to shoot outside but our model Jessica La Russo from Ford was a real trooper and we finished the test in a few hours. If your familiar with Chicago clothing designers than you may recognize the clothing featured in the photos. In 2013 Maria Pinto created a Kickstarter campaign to fund a RTW collection inspired by urban architecture and design, And thus M2057 was born. The collection has mostly dresses that look like your favorite basics with a  futuristic twist, the funnel collar plays a big role in the dresses and tops. The true star of this collection in my opinion is the fabric choice, she used two high-tech fabrics that give all the designs a modern but minimalist look. Another reason to fall for this collection is because that fabric I just  mentioned is also machine washable and the price range for the dresses run from $300-$400. Maria Pinto's M2057 collection is a great step for Chicago fashion I feel like we finally have a designer who understands what a modern woman wants to wear around the city and then creates it using wearable fabrics. We have a lot of great designers that I believe are not really making collections that a regular person can wear. Either the pieces are only made for a models body shape or the price point is out of this world. I think I can speak for most fashion lovers in this city when I say I hope more Chicago designers follow Maria Pinto's lead with this incredible M2057 collection. I hope you all enjoy the photos.  


IMG_9260 IMG_9269 IMG_9283 IMG_9284b IMG_9291 IMG_9301 IMG_9303 IMG_9345 IMG_9369B IMG_9376K IMG_9382rgb IMG_9441 IMG_9451

Testing Testing

The best part about having a photographer as a boyfriend is getting to bounce ideas for shoots back and forth and of course getting to test our ideas while they are still fresh.  A few weeks back Jeff and I did a really low key test shoot with a gorgeous and super funny model named Maggie Smith from Slu Agency. We had a few ideas we wanted to try so beware you're about to see a mashup of three completely different looks. The first is a norm core street style inspired look, I basically built this look around the beanie donated by Chicago based accessory line Robdechi. Besides the kick ass beanies and other hats, Robdechi specializes in Hybrid scarves that make traveling stylish as well as comfortable check out the line here : The other star of this look is the TopShop faux fur stole, this is a piece that you will get your money out of , its a really effortless way to add some style to any outfit and I would know because I also used it on our third look. The next look is my favorite from this test its very minimal, just an oversized white tee and thigh high socks make this look sexy but not like your trying to hard. This look was not about the clothing it was about playing around with a dark background and the lighting. The last look is my take on New Years Eve sparkle. New Years Eve is the one day of the year (according to me) that you can wear sequins and not look ridiculous seriously ladies take advantage of it !  

 Hat: Robdechi Faux Fur Stole: Topshop Jumpsuit: Tildon

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Touch of Blush

Like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West there was once a time when I could not be caught dead in the color pink. Any shade of pink repelled me and brought me back to the tacky hot pinks and fuchsias a la Paris Hilton in the early 2000's.  Again like Kimye my color palette is pretty industrial lots of black, white, beige and greys and while I would probably never goes as far as Jeremy Scott's army of Barbie girls in Moschino S/S 2015 I have been growing fonder and fonder of the color blush. Its a subtle way to add a little femininity to an outfit without going overboard. Try adding a blush beanie to your favorite fall outfit or blush purse to add an unexpected but delightful pop of color. The outfit I put Aurora in below is a little more than just a touch of blush shes wearing a pair of gorgeous blush Palazzo trousers. Although the thought may seem overwhelming you'll see in the photos below how blush makes a wonderful neutral. I hope you enjoy the lady like fall ensemble below and stay tuned for the exciting projects ahead!  

Jacket & Necklace: Vintage // Pants: Leith // Sweater: H&M








Vinyl Mini Skirt

For the last year or so I have been majorly obsessed with an adorable pale pink vinyl mini skirt from Topshop.  I apparently fell in love with the skirt at the same time as the rest of the world had because no matter how hard I searched, My dream skirt remained every shopaholics worst nightmare  sold out . Not willing to accept defeat I decided to buy the same skirt in my signature color... black.  A year later while I still love the dainty color of the pale pink skirt that still evades me I am reminded often of what an incredible purchase my black mini has been. Its a more daring take on a regular leather mini skirt but don't let that scare you as you see in my outfit below its totally wearable day or night ! While yes this is a hot skirt,all you really need is a white tee and some strappy heels to be ready for a night out, this is also a really versatile piece when styled correctly. If you read last blog you'll remember me mentioning how the style of shoe can completely change an outfits overall tone this is the prime example . Yes this outfit would also look great with some heeled booties but I dig the loafers and socks instead it brings the showy skirt down to earth. With the addition of the floppy hat and the comfy Tartan button down the skirt kind of blends into the background adding just a hint of sex but nothing over the top for the daytime. This is the perfect outfit for a brunch date or for a fall festival. Before you check out the photos I have to thank Aurora Adachi-Winter the actress/model based here in Chicago who was a dream to work with and photographer Jeff Delacruz who shot all the gorgeous back lit photos. Thanks again for stopping by enjoy the photos!  

Skirt: Topshop // Shirt: Forever 21 // Shoes: Vince // Socks: Free People // Hat: Nordstrom BP










White Pants After Labor Day

Ladies its time to put that silly no white after labor day rule to bed. First of all who even came up with it ? You should always wear what you want to wear and what makes you feel good no matter the color or time of year. If you need a little more encouragement than take a look at those Fall 2014 runway shows again. My favorite cold weather whites were in the Dior Couture show Raf Simons gorgeous white gowns sort of made me want to live in white this fall. However because I am no debutante my take on whites after labor looks more like the outfit I put on my friend Faith below. I combined some already badass Helmet Lang slouchy skinny jeans with a thick knit and a leather vest. When it comes to the shoes I always like to keep there style  opposite of the outfits overall style. For example if your wearing your favorite leather mini skirt instead of putting on your platform heels  put on your favorite daytime loafers. It will give you a more refined and overall more interesting look. So for this look which already has enough grit I decided on a pair Reed Krakoff suede pumps that add just a touch of femininity. Thanks again for stopping by hope you enjoy the photos!

Pants: Helmut Lang // Sweater: Vince // Pumps: Reed Krakoff // Vest: Collection B by Bernardo







The Camel Cape Coat

I have been recently learning the basics of fashion photography and I am very excited to share the photos from my first shoot ! The model is a great friend of mine Faith Lee. The outfit for this post is one of my favorites its a very Zooey Deschanel look that was inspired by the Alexander McQueen's "Pussybow" Silk Blouse. Unfortunately since I don't have $ 1,300 just laying around I decided to make the top myself by adding a black ribbon to a button down I already owned making my grand total for the top something around $6. I paired my faux Mcqueen top with high waisted black denim shorts by Dollparts Designs and this falls must have the camel cape coat. I rounded the look out by adding my favorite black lace up booties for a complete fall look that will make you feel a little bit British school girl but all around very chic and on trend for fall 2014. I hope you guys enjoy the photos and stay tuned for more shoots photographed and styled by me ! Top: DIY //Shorts: Dollparts Designs // Cape: August Silk // Shoes : Seychelles // Bag : Vintage