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Its obvious that the 2015 is already turning out to be the year of 70's style. Because I'm a sucker for all things retro I decided to style a shoot with my take on the 70's craze. You can see the finished photos from that shoot here.  And while I'm very proud of the finales I wanted to share a little more with you guys. Below are some photos of the shoot taken by a film camera. When I first saw them I was taken a back by how retro these turned out, our model Bridget Lam really looked like she was from the 70's. Another reason I wanted to post these is because I think its rare to see film now a days. You see tons of digital desperately trying to look like film but it never quite measures up, no matter what filter you use its impossible to duplicate that beautiful graininess. Any who please take a look at the film photos and then the digital in my portfolio and let me know which you guys dig the most. Photographer : Jeff Delacruz

Hair and Make-up : Krystyn Johnson

Model: Bridget Lam @ Ford Model Chicago

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Maria Pinto M2057

In Mid December I was lucky enough to be apart of a test shoot with an incredible photographer out of Kansas City called Dannie Dan-Irabor and an amazing Hair and Makeup artist from Evanston, Uwana Rose. It was a pretty cold day to shoot outside but our model Jessica La Russo from Ford was a real trooper and we finished the test in a few hours. If your familiar with Chicago clothing designers than you may recognize the clothing featured in the photos. In 2013 Maria Pinto created a Kickstarter campaign to fund a RTW collection inspired by urban architecture and design, And thus M2057 was born. The collection has mostly dresses that look like your favorite basics with a  futuristic twist, the funnel collar plays a big role in the dresses and tops. The true star of this collection in my opinion is the fabric choice, she used two high-tech fabrics that give all the designs a modern but minimalist look. Another reason to fall for this collection is because that fabric I just  mentioned is also machine washable and the price range for the dresses run from $300-$400. Maria Pinto's M2057 collection is a great step for Chicago fashion I feel like we finally have a designer who understands what a modern woman wants to wear around the city and then creates it using wearable fabrics. We have a lot of great designers that I believe are not really making collections that a regular person can wear. Either the pieces are only made for a models body shape or the price point is out of this world. I think I can speak for most fashion lovers in this city when I say I hope more Chicago designers follow Maria Pinto's lead with this incredible M2057 collection. I hope you all enjoy the photos.  


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Testing Testing

The best part about having a photographer as a boyfriend is getting to bounce ideas for shoots back and forth and of course getting to test our ideas while they are still fresh.  A few weeks back Jeff and I did a really low key test shoot with a gorgeous and super funny model named Maggie Smith from Slu Agency. We had a few ideas we wanted to try so beware you're about to see a mashup of three completely different looks. The first is a norm core street style inspired look, I basically built this look around the beanie donated by Chicago based accessory line Robdechi. Besides the kick ass beanies and other hats, Robdechi specializes in Hybrid scarves that make traveling stylish as well as comfortable check out the line here : The other star of this look is the TopShop faux fur stole, this is a piece that you will get your money out of , its a really effortless way to add some style to any outfit and I would know because I also used it on our third look. The next look is my favorite from this test its very minimal, just an oversized white tee and thigh high socks make this look sexy but not like your trying to hard. This look was not about the clothing it was about playing around with a dark background and the lighting. The last look is my take on New Years Eve sparkle. New Years Eve is the one day of the year (according to me) that you can wear sequins and not look ridiculous seriously ladies take advantage of it !  

 Hat: Robdechi Faux Fur Stole: Topshop Jumpsuit: Tildon

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