Film | Shoot Extras

Its obvious that the 2015 is already turning out to be the year of 70's style. Because I'm a sucker for all things retro I decided to style a shoot with my take on the 70's craze. You can see the finished photos from that shoot here.  And while I'm very proud of the finales I wanted to share a little more with you guys. Below are some photos of the shoot taken by a film camera. When I first saw them I was taken a back by how retro these turned out, our model Bridget Lam really looked like she was from the 70's. Another reason I wanted to post these is because I think its rare to see film now a days. You see tons of digital desperately trying to look like film but it never quite measures up, no matter what filter you use its impossible to duplicate that beautiful graininess. Any who please take a look at the film photos and then the digital in my portfolio and let me know which you guys dig the most. Photographer : Jeff Delacruz

Hair and Make-up : Krystyn Johnson

Model: Bridget Lam @ Ford Model Chicago

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