Gurlz brand lingerie

In early Januray I was apart of a catalog and look book shoot for a new line of bralettes and camisoles called Gurlz brand lingerie by designer Rita HofmeisterWeiler. The shoot was an absolute blast it reunited me with my favorite creative team the photographer was  Jeff Delacruz , Hair and Makeup by Amanda Martinico  and style assistant was Michelle Dimitris . Its great to go into a shoot with a team that your comfortable with we've all worked together on different occasions and have respect for each others roles which made it that much easier to focus on my portion of the shoot. When I first got involved in the shoot Jeff came to me with an open concept and left it to me to work out the conceptual direction of the shoot with our designer. Rita is new to the fashion industry so I thought it would be a good idea to do a little research on the product first and then present her with a couple different directions the shoot could go in. Camisoles and Bralettes are extremely functional so the shoot could have gone in a bunch of different directions. We have all at some point worn a camisole and bralette as a layering piece so I thought going in the lounge-wear direction would be a more original way to showcase the line. I drew a lot of inspiration from Free People's Intimately line when I was pulling clothing for the shoot. I pulled a lot of bed jackets and cardigans to drape over the Gurlz pieces and lots of silky shorts and cozy sweats.  I hope you guys enjoy the photos and don't forget to check out Gurlz brand lingerie. The camisoles and bras are like a second skin and with lots of color options they are easy to wear alone or as a layering piece.


20150110_Gurlz-1210-Edit 20150110_Gurlz-2147-Edit20150110_Gurlz-2111-Edit20150110_Gurlz-2065-Edit20150110_Gurlz-1796-Edit20150110_Gurlz-1536-Edit20150110_Gurlz-1491-Edit20150110_Gurlz-1154-Edit20150110_Gurlz-1034-Edit20150110_Gurlz-944-Edit20150110_Gurlz-916-Edit20150110_Gurlz-860-Edit20150110_Gurlz-799-Edit