Maria Pinto M2057

In Mid December I was lucky enough to be apart of a test shoot with an incredible photographer out of Kansas City called Dannie Dan-Irabor and an amazing Hair and Makeup artist from Evanston, Uwana Rose. It was a pretty cold day to shoot outside but our model Jessica La Russo from Ford was a real trooper and we finished the test in a few hours. If your familiar with Chicago clothing designers than you may recognize the clothing featured in the photos. In 2013 Maria Pinto created a Kickstarter campaign to fund a RTW collection inspired by urban architecture and design, And thus M2057 was born. The collection has mostly dresses that look like your favorite basics with a  futuristic twist, the funnel collar plays a big role in the dresses and tops. The true star of this collection in my opinion is the fabric choice, she used two high-tech fabrics that give all the designs a modern but minimalist look. Another reason to fall for this collection is because that fabric I just  mentioned is also machine washable and the price range for the dresses run from $300-$400. Maria Pinto's M2057 collection is a great step for Chicago fashion I feel like we finally have a designer who understands what a modern woman wants to wear around the city and then creates it using wearable fabrics. We have a lot of great designers that I believe are not really making collections that a regular person can wear. Either the pieces are only made for a models body shape or the price point is out of this world. I think I can speak for most fashion lovers in this city when I say I hope more Chicago designers follow Maria Pinto's lead with this incredible M2057 collection. I hope you all enjoy the photos.  


IMG_9260 IMG_9269 IMG_9283 IMG_9284b IMG_9291 IMG_9301 IMG_9303 IMG_9345 IMG_9369B IMG_9376K IMG_9382rgb IMG_9441 IMG_9451